Kamal Haasan sings for Avam

IMG_9297 Actor Kamal Haasan has sung a song in Avam, a new Tamil film produced by VJ Productions. The film is written and directed by debutant Vijay Vilvakrish,who has assisted Rajeev Menon and Latha menon for over three years in various pan India television advertisements.

Madhan karky has penned the lyrics to four lively songs set to tune by debutant Sundaramoorthy K S. This particular song sung by Padma Bhushan Dr Kamal Haasan has been composed in the rock genre, we have tried to make this a song that the youth would relate to.the lyrics have also been written keeping this in mind, the lyricist has infused novel

words and ideas not attempted before in tamil songs. A rock genre in Kamal Haasan’s voice will elevate the song to another level all together. This song required the singer to emote and express the pain,the helplessness,the guilt and frustration of the character and Kamal
Haasan’s voice did the magic.
Avam is a youth comic thriller movie following the life of a young urban boy and the twists and turns that take him for an unexpected ride.