Vyjayanthimala is back

Its been four decades – The veteran dancer-actor and one of the first female actress superstar of Bollywood – Vyjayanthimala is back. She is returning to the big screen with Janleva 555 and earnestly wants us to watch this film. The film is about to help acquired ventilator systems to hospitals, and it shall be a useful for people living in villages. Janleva 555 has been made to support and help acquire ventilator systems for the hospitals.

“This kind of ventilator system to save children dying of snake bites is a very noble task and I appreciate this work. I wish the makers of the film all the success and I request everybody to please watch the film because it will be one of its kind,” the actress said in a statement. A special video of 2-3 mins will also be shown in which a message will be passed. Its an issue based story produced by Kalpana Pandit and directed by Sandeep Malani.