Vivek speaks about NTB

Come 13 June, actor Vivek’s Nan Thaan bala will be out. Interestingly Vivek plays the lead role in the film.

The film, produced by J A Lawrence for SSS Entertainments, has been written and directed by R Kannan, a former associate of National award winning filmmaker Bala.

Vivek, said, ‘I play a traditional Vaishnavite youth in the film. I did considerable research into their culture to play my character to the satisfaction of the director’

‘After 25 years as an actor, I was keen on playing a serious role and am confident my performance will bring me credit’.
‘Kannan was at me for the past couple of years to play the hero in Nan Thaan Bala. However I was hesitant. But he convinced me that it is a tailor-made role for me and gave me the confidence’

Asked about the movie, he says, ‘It speaks a pious Iyengar temple priest who takes care of his old parents. He comes across a paid killer and his life changes. What happens then forms the crux.’