Velluthu Kattu boy is back

Kathir, who was part of Veluthu Kattu, is back to play the lead role in Veeran Muthurakku. Liyasree is the heroine.

Written and directed by C Rajasekharan, the movie features Shanmugarajan, Namo Narayana, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren and Appu among others.

Says the director, ‘it is based on the story of a bravado of a man (Muthurakku) who lived in the 1940s in southern districts of Tamilnadu. He championed the cause of down-trodden like Malayoor Mammatiyan.’

There is action and romance in the right mix, he adds. The movie was shot in Manamadurai, Sivaganga, Malayanoor and nearby areas. Produced by K Shanmugham, the movie has cinematography by Baskar and music by Gopala Krishnan.