Vadivelu speaks about Eli

Vadivelu speaks about Eli Vadivelu’s heroic venture Eli, directed by Yuvraj Dayalan, is hitting the screens this month-end. A retro comedy, it is set in 1960s and Vadivelu plays a James Bondesque role loaded with laughter. The movie stars Sadha opposite him and Pradeep Rawath plays baddie in it. Music is by Vidyasagar and cinematography by Paul Livingston.

Vadivelu says, ‘It is set on 1960s backdrop where our people developed affinity towards Western culture.

Everything would be different. We have shot the songs in a grand manner. I have sung one and shook my legs for a romantic duet with Sadha. We have used the evergreen Hindi hit Roop Tera Mastana. There are enough comical punchlines to make audience laugh.’