Update on plagiarism case on Lingaa

Update on plagiarism case on Lingaa In its counter to a petition alleging that Rajnikanths multi-lingual film Lingaa was based on a stolen story, Tamilnadu police on Monday stated in the Madras High Court bench that no offence had been made out by the petitioner to enable them take action.

In the counter filed on behalf of the state DGP and the IGP, Madurai police commissioner Sanjay Mathur said the complaint (before police) as well as the petition had been filed, by debutant director K. R. Ravirathinam, on the assumption that the story of Lingaa is the same as that of his story. The complainant had not made out any offence, particularly cognizable offence, to enable police take action, he said.

The petitioner has approached the court stating that he was directing a film named Mullai Vanam 999, based on the story of a dam construction, reflecting the Mullaiperiyar reservoir construction, and it had been stolen and used for the yet-to-be released Linga. The counter also submitted that the relief claimed by the petitioner for a detailed inquiry by appointing a fact- finding committee to ascertain the true authorship of the story was not within the limits of the police.