Tammana's love for South films

Tamannaah seems to be happy playing the glamourous leading lady. Quiz her on this, and she says, Well, it would be clich to say I would love to do women-centric films, but our directors should come up with such stories. As an actress, all I can do is choose from the films I am offered.

At the same time, I wouldnt want to do any film just because it is female-oriented. It has to be commercially viable as well. Be it Dirty Picture or Kahaani, they were good commercial films first. If made with the right sensibilities, such movies can work in the south too. Im sure its just a matter of time before such a script comes my way. The actress who is currently doing Himmatwala and also shooting up for ads in north has a Telugu film queued up too. But is she planning to settle down in Mumbai? The actress very well claimed that she would love to make a comeback in Hindi movies, but would never want to South Industry.

She revealed that its because of South films she has come up this much now. The actress boasts off saying that she hasnt even learnt Tamil well and wants to start dubbing for her movies soon. And she ended up saying that ” Even my English has a south Indian twang to it now. I am going nowhere. The way I see it, Mumbai is just an hour away from here in any case.