T K Ramamurthy is no more

Veteran music composer T K Ramamurthy of Viswanathan- Ramamurthy duo passed away this morning due to illness.

M S Viswanathan and T K Ramamurthy had worked together for over 700 films composing tunes for over 4,000 songs. Reverred as Mellissai Mannargal (King of Light Music), the two were part and parcel of the Tamil film music industry in the 1960s by coming up with melodious compositions that still remain fresh in the minds and hearts of of Tamils across the globe.

Tiruchirapalli Krishnamurthy Ramamurthy started his career as a violinist. MSV and Vishwanathan came together for Panam (1952), directed by N S Krishnan.

After Panam was a success, many film producers and directors approached them and the duo together composed music for over 700 films from 1952-1965.

Films like Palani, Pasa Malar, Baaga Pirivinai, Padithal Mattum Podhuma, Paava Manippu, Paar Magalae Paar propelled them to great heights.