Special day at Adyar Film Institute

It is wrong to think that (working in) Television is lesser than (working) in cinema, said noted cinematographer P C Sreeram.

Advising students of the MGR Government Film and Television Training Institute on their Annual Day, he said he was willing to work in all formats including weddings, if need be. ‘Cinema is for a lifetime. Wishing to do your film in one year or so is not advisable. Responsibility is most important’, he added.

Cinematographer M S Prabhu emphatically emphasised the importance of patience in cinema field. ‘Once you leave the institute, guidance will be given and you must take it (from the person you work under)’, he added while also asking students to be aware of the importance of still photography, especially Black & White.

Other speakers from the film industry and institute who spoke were S K Jeeva, Robert, Muthukrishnan, G P Krishnan and Raviraj.