So many people in Rendavadhu Padam??

Rendavadhu Padam is being directed by C S Amudham featuring Vimal, Arvind Akash, Richard and Vijayalakshmi in the lead. The film is right now winding up its final stage of shoot and its post production work are already on advancement. And they even released one-minute teaser which created a hype among the audience. What we perceive from the director is that the unit is still trying to find the exact genre of the film.

He wants the public and fans to enjoy the humor in it. And not only that, there are not only 3 leads in the film, it has 30 important characters. The director finds the excuse by adding that he was unable to feature all the 30 people at one go in a one-minute teaser. All these 30 lead casts are his heroes and heroines and the film itself is about 30 different people. Even they are planning for a creative audio launch during the mid October.