Slovenian Film Festival Movie Details

Slovenian Film Festival Inauguration Stills (1) Last Supper / Dir: Param Gill / 2014 / 90 min (22.06.2015 6.30 pm)
Last Supper is a funny, touching fairy tale about two romantic and ambitious lunatics (Eddie Griffin and Josh Meyers) who escape a mental institution with a video camera and set out to make a movie about the romantic quest to rescue a princess and be rewarded with a magical kiss. The duo encounters various obstacles, not the least of which is that their ‘princess’ turns out to be a burned-out prostitute (Najarra Townsend) who wants to commit suicide. She enlists Fumnanya and Andy to help her, only to have her suicide plans turn out to be a disaster and her pimp Rocco (Dave Vescio) emerge as a menacing threat. But along the way, the trio ends up becoming overnight sensations on YouTube, as followers speculate whether the whole thing is a clever hoax or a moving if unorthodox attempt at redemption. (Award: 9 Wins)

Rooster’s Breakfast/”Petelinji zajtrk”/Dir: Marko Nabersnik/2007/124 min (23.06.2015 6.30 pm)
Djuro works as an apprentice Djuro works as an apprentice mechanic at master Gajas, who is an elderly owner of a garage. The tranquil life of the young apprentice is disturbed by the arrival of a beautiful brunette… After being fired, Djuro gets recommendation to look for another job in a remote village. His new boss is warm, old fashioned and naive – completely opposite from the world he’s coming from. The peaceful atmosphere is shaken when Djuro falls for a regular customer’s wife. (Award: 5 Wins)

Good Night, Missy/LAHKO NOC, GOSPODICNA/Dir: Metod Pevec/2011/100 (24.06.2015 5.00 pm)
The discovery that her architect husbands blandly pretty receptionist is also his mistress skewers Hannahs sense of well-being in a comfortable upscale life as artist and mother. Director Pevec injects whimsical animated illustrations of the bedtime tales Hannah tells her daughter as ironic counterpoint to this deeply poignant tale of the breakup of a marriage and its aftermath. The sequence in which husband and wife face each other in a divorce lawyers office is a stunner.

My son, A sexual Maniac/Moi sin, seksualni manijak/Goran Vojnovic/2006/17 (24.06.2015 6.40 pm)

Tone is believe that his little son is a sexual maniac because the boy supposedly peeked under his teachers skirt. Tone is having such a hard time trying to figure out the reasons for this misfortune that he is driving his wife into despair. When a friend implies that sexuality is a matter of genes, Tone concludes that he himself must be a sexual maniac.

Shanghai Gipsy / Dir: Marko Nabersnik / 2012 / 120 min (24.06.2015 7.00 pm)
Lutvija Belmondo Mirga narrates a story about four generations. Belmondo is the central character of the film, a gypsy king, who decided to establish his own gypsy village. He names it Shanghai. Belmondo makes a living smuggling and his power and influence grow big. He even gets the local police and politics on his side and that helps him to become untouchable for law. But with the downfall of Yugoslavia, smuggling of goods is replaced by smuggling of the arms. Though lucrative the business starts to threaten Belmondo’s personal life and he finds himself at the crossroads. Will he protect his own family or is he going to sacrifice his personal happiness for business ambitions? Shanghai Gypsy is a story about longing for happiness; it is a story about love and family ties, in which tears are intertwined with laughs. (Award: 3 Wins & 3 Nominations)