Ramanujan: Game on

Camphor Cinemas Ramanujan and HeyMath has come up with game application Nine Magic Tiles as a tribute to the unsung Indian hero Srinivasa Ramanujan and his lifelong love for numbers.

The game can be played by children (of age 6 years and above) and adults too. The App has music playing in the background which was recorded in Germany and composed by music director of Ramanujan Ramesh Vinayakam.

A press release from Camphor Cinemas, said, ‘ The composition revolves around numbers. In the first part of the tune, one can tangibly hear numbers 1 to 9, after which the music abounds with various permutations and combinations of numbers. This gives the players a sneak peek into the music of the film.’

‘Nine Magic Tiles is a game that will make mathematics not only easy but also enjoyable for all. Each tile in the app contains a fast-paced activity to test a users agility, speed and intellect in applying patterns and tricks to solve number problems. Earning a bronze medal in a tile unlocks the next tile for play and also reveals a magic number for the played tile. When the final magic number in the ninth tile is revealed, a surprise level involving the 9 magic numbers is unveiled – drawing the player into an area of number theory that fascinated Ramanujan. Players can submit their total score to the leaderboard at any time.’

Top scorers in the leaderboard stand a chance to win movie tickets and movie merchandise!. The game app can be downloadable on all mobile devices and platforms .
Directed by Gnanarajasekaran, the movie stars grandson of legendary couple Gemini Ganesan and Savitri and step- nephew of Rekha, Abhinay Vaddi, who plays the role of Ramanujan, Bhama, Suhasini Maniratnam and British stage and screen actor Kevin McGowan.