Qube makers; rejoinder to film industry allegations

Qube makers rejoinder to film industry allegations Digital cinema service provider Qube, a division of Real Image Media Technologies, refuted the allegations made by Tamilnadu Film Producers Council (TNFPC) and termed them as incorrect.

In a statement here, Real Image said they were a pioneer in cinema technology and has greatly helped the Indian movie industry over the last three decades by introducing computer based editing with Avid, digital
sound with DTS and digital cinema with Qube, a technology for end-to-end digital cinema that was entirely developed in India and has been sold around the world.

Real Image is the company largely responsible for helping the Indian film industry rise above the competition from satellite television in the 1990s by providing the tools to achieve slick editing and crystal clear surround sound and thus bring audiences back to theatres.

In rolling out digital cinema at a time when no theatre was willing to invest the money, Real Image has risked huge capital invested by reputed international companies such as Nomura, Intel, Cisco and Streetedge and created a win-win model that has benefited producers, distributors, exhibitors and most importantly, audiences.