People want to laugh: Santhanam

Bahubali teaser is out Actor Santhanam said people expected good amount of comedy from his films, where he acted as hero. The actor who was in Madurai connection with the promotional function of his latest film Inime Ippadithan, to be scheduled on June 12, said the expectation for comic scenes in films was more among the film goers now a days.

He said Inime Ippadithaan has a good story with a good mixture of comedy. The theme of the film, directed by Muruganand, is one should be satisfied with what he is having and lead a good life and not feel remorse over what he is not having.

‘There is good and rousing reception for comedy now a days and this trend will continue’Even comedy-mixed ghost films were proving a good success. ‘The super star of the ghost movie is ghost’, he said in a lighter vein. Referring to the Maggi controversy, he said actors and actresses should not be blamed if a product promoted by them was found to be sub standard or harmful.