Osborne praises Kamal

He is a legend, but doesnt hail a thing about this. He is a star who has created impact among fans with his dialogues and acting. He is an universal hero. Kamal Hassan – a genius and package filled with talents. Its his character which gained him much respect among the likes of Barrie Osborne – a renowned filmmaker who made films like Lord of Rings, The Long and Short Of It and The Prophet.

When asked our hero, he smiles up and says Barrie is a good man and he respects his work a lot. He knew him since ages and Osborne even appreciated Kamal on Dhasavatharam. Even during the final stage of mixing for Vishwaroopam, he saw it more than once and appreciated much. We all know our universal hero has been roped in for a Hollywood Project too. The actor revealed that talks are on and will update about the news in earlier time. Sources also say that the film will be shot in India and Kamal Hassan’s role in the project is yet to be confirmed, but he is being highly involved in the scripting part. Regarding the recent FICCI MEBC meet, he stated that he will be conducting a screen writing workshop.