Narain and Prithvi come again

Narains role in Classmates could be easily one of the most memorable in his career and its no wonder that the actor is excited to reunite with Prithviraj and director Lal Jose in Ayaalum Njanum Thammil. The actor says Lal is one of his favourite directors with whom he would always love to work with. Hes such a wonderful human being and hes very youthful at heart. So, it becomes easy for him to identify and relate with you. One moment, hes working as an experienced director and the next, hes talking to you as your best friend, Narain says, adding that this quality raises the level of comfort on the sets. Ayaalum Njanum Thammil will also be his third movie with Prithviraj after Classmates and Robinhood. I think in all three movies, our characters were close friends, and that sort of adds on to our onscreen chemistry, he says. Narain will be playing the role of a Doctor.