Mysskin introduces new composer

Director Mysskin has only two choices while making a movie. Either he works with maestro Ilayaraja or he will join hands with fresh music composers.

The ‘Anjathey’ and ‘Yudham Sei’ maker is going the second way for his forthcoming film ‘Pisasu’, as he is launching a new composer named Arol Kuroli.

He is a talented youngster and his name in Arul, Mysskin says and adds: ‘However, he wanted me to change his name. So I renamed him as Arol Kuroli. Kuroli is a top violinist in Italy.

Denying any rift with Ilayaraja, Mysskin says, ‘He is like my father. I am working with Arol Kuroli in Pisasu only with the consent of Raja sir. There is no misunderstanding between us.