Movies Screening at Israeli Film Festival 2016

the world is funny

The World Is Funny | Haolam Mats’hik | Director: Shemi Zarhin | 2012 | 127min| 27th June | 6.15 PM
Aspiring writer Zafi has trouble composing endings to her stories. She uses her housecleaning jobs to find interesting tales. Among the accounts she collects and ties together is the story of estranged siblings: The oldest sister Yardena is shocked to discover she’s pregnant. Her brother Meron has to deal with the return of Nessi, Meron’s oldest son, who just woke up from a nine year coma following a traumatic accident. Golan, the youngest brother, is in the midst of his own tragedy – his girlfriend Natasha is dying of cancer. Sometimes the only answer to any problem is to laugh.
Awards: 1 win & 15 nominations.


The Ballad of the Weeping Spring | Balada le’aviv ha’bohe | Director: Benny Toraty | 2012| 106 min|28th June|6.30 PM
Jossef Tawila, the legendary tar player of the band Ensemble Tourqouise along with Avram Mufradi composes the Crying Spring Symphony. In the debut evening of the symphony’s performance, a car accident occurrs, killing two of the orchestra’s members. Tawila, Avram Mufradi and Margaret (Tawila’s spouse, being the band’s singer), survive the accident. Tawila is jailed, and after his release from jail he sinks into a depression. The movie describes the events twenty years after the accident.
Awards: 5 wins & 6 nominations


A Hebrew Lesson | Ha’ulpan | Dir: David Ofek, Ron Rotem | 2006 | Docu | 122mins| 29th June | 6.30 PM
Chin left her daughter in China and came to Israel to make a living. She cleaned Ehud’s house, and they fell in love. Sasha never considered immigrating to Israel, but four years after his woman left Russia with their daughter he understood that life without his child is worthless. He left a thriving business behind only to find himself in Tel Aviv‘s worst neighborhood.Marisol grew up as a Jewish Princess in Lima, Peru and came to Israel to learn something about life. An unexpected pregnancy alters her plans. These and other characters meet in a Hebrew language Ulpan where their personal stories meld with the complexities of Israeli reality.

Nymphs in the Mist

Nymphs in the Fog | Nymphs in the Mist | Nimfot B’Arafel | Director: Yoram Sachs | 2007| 81min| 30th June|6.30 PM
After his girl friend Liat leaves him, Yaniv is depressed to a point that he never leaves his home. His friend Yuda, tries to wean him out of his behavior and suggests that he make a film hoping he will meet people and get out of his depression. Yaniv and Yuda hold audtions and invite the most beautiful and talented actresses. Yaniv meets Gali, a yoga teacher, who diverts his obsession. Yaniv decides to make a film about his affair with Liat his ex girlfriend. When Yaniv decides that Gali would be perfect for the leading role in his movie, life and art become intertwined. But how will the film plot end.

One flight for us

One Flight for us / Dir: Haim Hecht | Docu | 2005 | 60 min| 30th June |7.45 PM
The Allies knew about the slaughter of the Jews, could easily have stopped it, yet did nothing to prevent Jews from being gassed to death. Bomber pilots like George McGovern made numerous sortees over Auschwitz, but never were given orders to blow up the gas chambers or to blast the railroad tracks leading there.