Karthik Kumar: One man, many faces

Remember actor Kartik Kumar, who played a crucial role in films such as Yaradi Nee Mohini, Poi Solla Porom, Ninaithaley Inikkum and Veppam.

He is not just successfully running an English theatre group but also in having turned it into an entrepreneurial venture. His troupe Evam has three wings, the theatre group, live event management wing and a school.

‘When I did my course in brand management in MICA Ahemadabad myself and Sunil started Sankalp an amateur theatre group consisting of our college students and staged three productions in two years. This was an achievement and made us wonder why we should not take it up as a profession. Both of us decided to make theatre our profession and started working in right earnest,’ he says.

He adds: ‘For the first two years after we completed college we worked and saved enough money to start our own enterprise Evam .There was no business model for a theatre group then. But we started off with confidence.’
Evams plays are what is called call glucose drips plays according to Kartik.