Kamal makes FICCI meet a mega success

The two day FICCI Media and Entertainment Business Conclave, which was chaired by Kamal Haasan, turned out to be a grand success.

Those who had attended the event from various parts of India were highly appreciative of the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ for his meticulous planning and execution.

Speaking at the event, Kamal agreed that YouTube being a robust and flexible medium, experimental films can be made which don’t abide by the rigid rules of commercial film making.

He was also concerned at the ignorance on the part of Tamil film producers about the scope of YouTube as a monetization platform. Later, he gave an interesting analogy about cinema theaters and places of worship and how people would always go to these places for a mass congregation experience despite having their own small setups at home.

At the opening ceremony, he said he was very happy to see that the four south states were represented there and that the bond was growing stronger between them.

Kamal noted with pride, “65 to 70 per cent of films in India are south films. National cinema resides in the south.” And then he added with a smile, “It’s not bragging, it’s a statement of fact.”