Gautham Gets Ready with Thanga Meengal

Director Gautham Vasudev Menon has been synonymous with quality cinema and he has pushed the levels of Tamil cinema.

Photon Kathas, the production wing of Gautham has been on the hunt for scripts that are different and make a difference. With this as the objective Team Photon Kathas is producing Thanga Meengal

Director Ram got noticed for Katradhu Tamil plays the male lead in Thanga Meengal apart from being the director, a part he won for his soulful storytelling to Gautham and team.

The film dwells on the delicate yet beautiful relationship
between a father and a daughter in a totally unseen light.

‘Taare Zameen Par the Hindi blockbuster lead me to search for a script with a societal concern, it was during this opportune moment that Ram cane to me with this extra ordinary script and him having understood the nuances of the script struck me as the best lead for the movie, Ram is being ably
supported by Rohini and Padmapriya and am really glad to produce a movie of this genre’, says Gautham

The combo of Ram and Yuvan Shankar Raja proved to excellent for the movie Katradhu Tamil and Thanga Meengal will have the duo creating magic again with Na Muthukumar penning the lyrics. The production team assures that this will be a great musical experience.

‘The music of the film will surely enthrall audiences for sure. An anthem for children will make parents and the society at large sit up and take notice as it dwells into the realms of the current education system, examinations and teachers. This would definitely be the anthem for all school children’ Ram says.

The production team and the music team has been travelling the breadth of the state to create a special album featuring school children and Yuvan Shankar Raja.