Former Censor Board regional chief passes away

Ramasaami Babu Rammasami, a former former censor board regional officer.He was born in Aanaimalai near Coimbatore in 1951.
He was graduated in Chemistry from NGM College, Pollachi and did his post graduation in Journalism and Film Direction and Screenplay writing from the Department of Journalism, University of Madras and Adayar Film Institute, respectively.

After a short stint in Tamil film industry, he served as a faculty member in the department of Direction in the above Institute for a number of years, thus training many a students who later became well known film makers.
He joined Films Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Govt. of India, New Delhi in 1982 as Deputy Director, making number of training films for Armed Forces, other Ministries and Cabinet Secretariat. He was transferred to Mumbai in 1998 where he shouldered the responsibility of functioning as a creative link between the outside talent and in-house resources and also immensely contributing to the Mumbai International Film Festival as Programmer and Coordinator from 1998 to 2005.

Since July 2005, serving as Regional officer in the Central Board of Film Certification, Chennai. During his short tenure, haw certified more than 5000 films and reducing the average waiting duration of the applicants to barely not more than two or three days.