Amala Paul Statement Regarding Vastah ne Venaka

Amala paul ever energetic she is has got many reasons to celebrate and rejoice with . But still there was a small glitch that had been bothering the hard core professional artiste , which by all means was never her fault . There were some vested news in the media about her being ‘ ousted ‘ by a production company called Ramaduta creations from the project ‘Vastah ne Venaka’ (Telugu)since she had announced her wedding plans . Normally a very soft spoken person she is Amala was upset and her disappointment on this episode was evident in her voice and words when she explained the whole episode . ‘ This company had approached me earlier in the year for my dates and sounded very optimistic on commencing the shoot from March, the testimonial evidence to this was the agreement which was mutually signed . I had allotted 45 days from my schedule spanning up to three months from march to May . As the shooting days neared we called up from our side to know the exact schedule . The response was evasive , and we were not able to plan . But again considering the normal working procedure of the industry i tried my best to accommodate them into my scheme of work . The response to this gesture of mine was again dodgy . It is a basic procedure to collect the pass port of any artiste and her staff much in time to clear the visa procedures. In this case the pass ports of my assistants were not collected at all .This was an ample testimony to the fact that they were not serious on their professional commitment . To add insult to the injury now they allege that i had not intimated them on my wedding . Why would i , if the shooting is scheduled to start on march and conclude by May , considering the fact that my wedding is only on June .Concealing their inability to shoot in the prescribed time ,They shift the entire focus on my wedding and accuse me saying that i had not declared my wedding plans to them. Any body and every body can understand my position here and also their baseless allegations . I hope better sense prevail upon them that Wedding of any individual is a life time event and any sort of mud slinging done on this factor covering up their in adequacy is very painful . I had been an absolute professional in my career and i would always prefer to be the same .This clarification is for the noble hearts who knew my professionalism’.