Actor Shyam Prasad’s Press Release Regarding Demise Of His Grandfather Prof.K.Venkatachari

My grandfather Prof. K.Venkatachari passed away at 1.45am on 26th March.

He was a retired English professor(NGM college, Pollachi),

Artist (More than 1000 paintings to his credit), Photographer, Writer (The glow of dusk, Manifestations of Lord Shiva, Kongunadu Temples, Dasavatharam, Thiruppavai-Thiruvambavai, etc)

All his paintings and write ups for the books done by him which involved lots of research work.

He was a writer, poet, artist, photographer, English professor. He was a multifaceted talented person.

We’re praying for his Athma to attain Moksha.

– Shyam Prasad