A breakthrough in Online Anti Piracy Achieved by Copyright Labs

A breakthrough in online anti-piracy has been achieved by Copyright Labs. Copyright Labs represented the films 3 (Tamil) and Dammu (Telugu) on behalf of the producers to control piracy.

John Doe orders had been procured for both these films and several ISPs (Internet Service Providers) had been notified of the infringing content. It was also seen that ISPs had responded to the same by blocking content.

The Press Release from the Copyright Labs says “We are happy to announce that many ISPs have extended their support to our company and have committed to block the specific content of the movies we are signed up with within a few hours of notification”.

Copyright Labs having the most advanced identification tool – CID (Copyright Infringement Detector) which detects a pirated copy online within minutes of upload and with the undertaking from the ISPs that theyd block content within hours of our notification, it will be possible to stop piracy online to a very large extent.

Copyright Labs, having studied the different methods of accessing blocked content has come out with the technique of blocking content in such a way that it wont be accessible even through any proxy server.