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Neelam Movie Posters

NEELAM is a Tamil Film Written and Directed by Venkatesh Kumar.G. The film deals with the Rise and Fall of Rebel groups in war prone Nation of Lanka..The Film throws light on the formation of rebel groups and how it led to a civil war in Lanka. Since the Film was canned in 2013 for the subject it dealt with, ...

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Teaser Launch of Jallikattu 5-23rd Jan 2017 @ United Nations Stills

It’s a moment of great pride for the film makers of Jallikattu who are invited to present about the making of this film and launch the teaser of JALLIKATTU 5-23rd Jan 2017 at the United nations head quarters at Nairobi Kenya. The Jallikattu mass gathering at Marina beach in Chennai has no parallels in terms of the gathering and the ...

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DSoft Convocation 2017 Event Stills

Actress Saranya Ponvannan’s DSoft (Designing School of Fashion Technology) started on 2014 120 Convocation Certificates Distributed “Ms D Soft”, “Mrs D Soft”, “Baby D Soft” Awardees Crowned    

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